Probate & Estate Administration

The loss of a close family member or friend can present many challenges, both personally and legally.

The role of the legal personal representative (also known as the executor or administrator) is often complex.

Do you know:

  • what steps must be taken to administer a deceased estate?
  • how to obtain a grant of representation (probate or letters of administration) from the Supreme Court of Queensland or New South Wales?
  • how to collect assets or how to attend to the sale or transmission of those assets in accordance with the relevant laws?

We understand the importance of providing legal personal representatives with accurate and timely advice. We assist legal personal representatives to administer deceased estates efficiently.

We offer varying levels of advice and assistance to legal personal representatives depending on the complexity of the estate issues: from applications for a common form grant of probate or a grant of letters of administration to applications in solemn form; collection of assets; attending to taxation issues and the preparation of the estates accounts for the beneficiaries.

We assist legal personal representatives apply for grants of probate and letters of administration in both the Supreme Court of Queensland and the Supreme Court of New South Wales.

We also offer legal advice to personal representatives defending claims against the estate or challenges to the deceased’s will.

We provide an efficient, comprehensive and personal approach to estate administration. Call us on 07 3220 0998 if you need advice or assistance.

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